Based on what you have learned regarding the effects of ocean temperatures on different climates on Earth, describe the climate you would expect to find in the region around the bay that Caspar, Lina, and Maddy traveled to. Classify the type of airmass and explain why you believe this is appropriate to the area based on the book description.
Trey Gardner
5/31/2011 12:13:40 am

I would probably expect to be in a hot, wet climate. In Georgia there is a maritime tropical air mass that makes it warm and humid. In the book the climate is mostly warm and humid since lots of people were sweating and getting sunburn. Also where sparks is has a good crop field which is also in Georgia since the maritime tropical air mass helps the crops with lots of sun and the river for their water supply and irrigation. Because of the jet streams they bring the maritime tropical air mass from down in the Gulf of Mexico to Eastern United States.

Joey Harvey
5/31/2011 10:43:37 pm

The bay that I believe would be in the People of Sparks would be in the area of Connecticut and the air mass would depend on the season and the jet stream. The two types of air masses that dictate that area are maritime tropical and continental polar, a maritime tropical climate would be warm and humid and a continental polar climate is a cool dry climate. The summers in Sparks were very humid and hot so I believe that the maritime tropical would be the air mass that passes through in the summer. In the winter I believe the climate would be the continental polar, the type of weather that this air mass would bring is cold, clear, dry air.

5/31/2011 11:30:56 pm

It would have a hot and humid summer and a cool and dry winter with a rare snow fall, I do not have an example from the book but I did live in an area like this.

Alissa LeBlanc
5/31/2011 11:35:23 pm

I think the weather where Caspar, Maddy, and Line were is very hot and humid. They said in the book that they needed to pack a lot of water for the trip because they would get very thirsty. So I think that it would be maritime tropical airmass. Maritime tropical means very warm and humid weather which is how it was in the book. They also cross the coastal mountain ranges which were by the bay.

Haleyy, :D
6/1/2011 11:24:26 pm

Where Lina, Caspar, and Maddy were was hot and very humid. The three had to drink a lot more water on the trip than usual because it was hot and there was no shade. I think there was a Maritime Tropical air mass because that type of air mass makes the air really hot and damp. (:

Nathan Webber
6/2/2011 12:58:08 am

The city where Lina, Maddy, and Caspar traveled to sounds like the air mass would be very warm and humid (Maritime Tropical). In the book, they stopped for water on numerous occasions so that would show that it was very warm out where they were headed.

Chris Vaught
6/2/2011 03:16:47 am

I think they would be in Ohio because the book says that it is hot in the summer and is really stormy in the winter. Ohio is also a place with rich soil to grow crops. The bay that the book says is by the city could be the sothern part of Lake Michigan. I don't think sothern Maritime Tropical Airmass has anything to do with Ohio.

Ashley Gervais
6/5/2011 03:42:35 am

I agree with the people that think the air mass is Maritime Tropical. In the book it says they needed a lot of water because they would get very thirsty. They also described how hot it was. I imagine that the area Lina, Caspar, and Maddy were all in was very hot and humid, so I agree it is Maritime Tropical.

6/5/2011 11:36:44 pm

I believe the bay they were talking about is San Francisco Bay. It matches all of the geography from the book, and the climate. San Francisco Bay and the bay in the book, both are very foggy, an effect of Maritime Tropical. when they were traveling ot the city, they had to repeatedly stop and drink because it was so hot.

6/7/2011 03:36:28 am

Maddy, Caspar, and Lina were in a hot place. I believe there was a Maritime Tropical air mass because it makes the air damp and hot.


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