After viewing the video,"Learning and Working in the Collaborative Age", think about the message the speaker is trying to convey.  What is his purpose for speaking?  Who is his audience?  What message did you take away from listening to him?  How can this information be applied to how you work and learn in the classroom?  What can you do to practice the skills he mentions in the video?
The speed of sound depends on the elasticity, density, and temperature of the medium the sound travels through.  The article states that waves travel faster through harder areas of tooth enamel
Based on what you have learned regarding the effects of ocean temperatures on different climates on Earth, describe the climate you would expect to find in the region around the bay that Caspar, Lina, and Maddy traveled to. Classify the type of airmass and explain why you believe this is appropriate to the area based on the book description.
There are several descriptions of both geography and weather conditions throughout the "People of Sparks".  Using descriptive passages from the book, infer where you think Sparks is located and "the city" Caspar, Lina, and Maddy travelled to for rare and much needed items.  (Keep in mind the relationship between time and distance.)   Please use an atlas or other sources to cite specific geographical locations.  You must include climate information for the locations you identify as the locations described in the book.
Describe the role of solar energy (both direct and indirect) to the people of Sparks.  How do the Emberites respond to the presence of the sun?  You must include at least two quotes or passages from the assigned reading.
Can humans live underground for an extended period of time?  Respond to this scientific claim, providing scientific evidence from reliable sources.