Can humans live underground for an extended period of time?  Respond to this scientific claim, providing scientific evidence from reliable sources.
Kaleb Shannon
4/28/2011 12:04:25 am

Life underground would be possible if there was a ventilation system that supplies the air with enough oxygen and if there were no radon in the air. Sunlight really wouldn’t be needed even though it is said to contain vitamin D. In reality it doesn’t provide, but helps generate vitamin D from it’s uv rays wich are known to increase development of cancer anyways

4/28/2011 12:09:45 am

I do not think that it's possible for people to be living underground for a certain ammount of time. They would lack oxygen, and possibly their supply of food.

Ashley Gervais
4/28/2011 01:06:26 am

I do not think that humans could live underground for long periods of time. I think this because we need vitamin D, and the main way to get this vitamin D is through sunlight. Without vitamin D bones may have weak and improper development. It has also been linked to metabolic and immune system functions. Someone living underground may also develop rickets, a disease caused by a vitamin D deficiency. I don’t think that humans could live underground, the sunlight provides too much to leave it behind.

4/29/2011 12:00:14 am

People could live underground they would have vitamin D vitamin pills and they would get oxygen from the holes and caverns that lead to the suface and they could get food from under ground rivers where fish could posibly live and bats might be underground with them and they could eat the bats and there are going to be an endless suply of bugs for them to eat they can also get the minerals they need from the ground.

4/29/2011 12:05:54 am

Plus if people lived underground for an extended period of time they would probly adapt and evolve to live under ground.

Jacob Thompson
4/29/2011 12:09:31 am

First of all, humans NEED oxygen to survive. They would all die without a proper ventilation system to pump oxygen down from the surface.
Another thing is food, there is no probable way to have storerooms that would have enough food for 400 people lasting 250 years.
There is also the need for sunlight, which is a vital source of vitamin d. Your are supposed to get 5 to 30 minutes of sunlight twice a week, not none for 250 years. The founders of Ember's descendents would be week and fragile and horribly suffering of vitamin d deficiency.
I do not believe humans can survive underground for an extended peroid of time.

Chris Vaught
4/29/2011 12:11:32 am

Life underground could be possible. I'm not worried about lack of vitamin D because vitamin D is for the skin, not the bones. Calcium is for the bones. If there is plenty of oxygen and food, people would be okay underground. There should also be plenty of underground springs or streams to keep peoples' thirst quenched. The air could come through vents or pipes that lead to the surface.

4/29/2011 12:31:09 am

I believe that humans can not live under ground for a long time period because under ground there is no food, maybe some water if it rains. When the sun is out it would be very humid down underground. The dirt walls could also cave under and start an avalanche. Also everyone needs vitamin D and oxygen.

Haley Brabant
4/29/2011 12:35:29 am

I do not believe people could live underground for an extended period of time. People need vitamin D in their skin, and the sun is the main source for vitamin D. Another reason being oxygen. People cannot survive without oxygen. Plants would provide oxygen, but you would need sunlight. Artificial light doesn’t always work.

Alissa LeBlanc
5/5/2011 12:11:23 am

I thnk that humans would be able to live underground for a short period of time before they either run out of resources and/or die from the lack of sunlight. Sunlight is a very important need for surviving. The lack of vitamin D will cause diseases and sicknesses. Canned foods are not very good for you anyways because of all the preservatives. You would need some sort of variety of foods such as: fresh fruits and veggies, fresh meats, and wheats and grains.

Joey Harvey
5/5/2011 11:58:30 pm

I do believe that life underground is possible. People might think obtaining vitamin D might be an issue but if the city had access to vitamin D supplements for people in the city to take. Water may also be an issue but you can get ground water and you might be able to tap into water pipes with the right tools. Another thing needed for survival is food, but you can grow cold weather plants like potatoes and a variety of canned foods. The last means of survival is shelter but with some support underground is a shelter in its self.

Trey Gardner
5/6/2011 12:04:19 am

I do believe humans can live underground but, only for a certain amount of time. Water would be available from ground water that purifies itself or water pipes. Light which would be produced by flashlights and ultraviolet lights powered by a generator. The ultraviolet lights would be able to give the plants light energy letting those produces oxygen. Some of the plants don’t even need light to go through photosynthesis. Vitamin D would be given through vitamin tablets. Food would be brought in cans like in the city of ember. The cave would be a shelter and has temperatures up to 54 degrees Fahrenheit to 56 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a temperature humans can live in.

Haley Brabant
5/9/2011 11:36:50 pm

I do not believe people could live underground for an extended period of time. People need vitamin D in their skin, and the sun is the main source for vitamin D. Another reason being oxygen, people cannot survive without oxygen. Plants would provide oxygen, but you would need sunlight. Artificial light doesn’t always work for plants. As for potatoes and other root vegetables, yes they grow under the ground, but they still need mineral rich soil. The minerals in the soil are produced by the sun and living underground, you would only have artificial light and that would make the plants smaller and less nutrient filled. That causes the Emberities to be smaller, and shorter because they don’t get the nutrients that they need from canned goods and tiny potatoes.

5/10/2011 12:31:04 am

I don’t think it would be possible for people to live underground for long periods of time because I don’t get where they would get all their food from. Plus, there isn’t much sunlight down there, which would cause the lack of vitamin D in their bodies, which isn’t good because their bodies could become weak. Living underground is also very dirty, and you’d probably get various diseases.

Chris Vaught
5/15/2011 11:44:24 pm

I think it could be possible to live underground temporarily. People could get their oxygen from the small plants that grow down in Ember and a ventilation system that could filter the air. Food could be from poaching the large animals in the Unknown Regions, like the large rats and moles. Water could come from the underground rivers and lakes. Vitamin D could be in pills that could be taken daily to keep healthy skin and bones.

5/16/2011 12:10:10 am

I think people would be able to live under ground but wouldn’t be able to live there for more then 200 years. A store room with canned food would last them a while but not 200 years and would already be dead by then. After a while people would start to get use to not having a lot of sunlight and wouldn’t be bothered if there wasn’t any sun but would be pale. They would have water from the rivers under ground. If they did run out of food they could hunt for bats and use the meat from them. I believe it is capable to live under ground.

Tiffany Shaw
5/16/2011 11:43:58 pm

I think that humans could not live underground for their entire life. Humans do need
food and oxygen in order to survive. There would be some oxygen underground from
all the holes in the ground but not a lot. There could be some foods underground
and plus you could bring canned foods but still there could not be enough foods
for you to stay down there long enough. There also would be a huge lack of
vitamin D because there’s no sun.

Nathan Webber
5/17/2011 01:09:46 am

I think people could live underground for an extended period of time. I mean, they could if they had the essentials, food, water, and oxygen. Food would be needed in Ember because there is nothing worse than being stuck underground with nothing to eat. Oxygen is needed so people would not suffocate under the thick amount of soil. And water. Water is a major essential because people can go only a few days without water. If people were to live underground, they would need a way to keep hydrated.

5/24/2011 12:38:00 am

I think people could live underground because you don't need vitamin D from the
sun. There wouldn’t be a lack of oxygen either because if you live underground
there would be holes in the top of the cave it wouldn't be much but you would
still get oxygen. I don’t think you could live underground but you could live
underground for period of time. You could grow food that doesn’t really need
sunlight to grow, the food you eat won’t always be good but at least you would
still be eating.


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